The Assemblage Hardware Collection
by Rhomboid Sax LLC


Rhomboid Sax was established in Los Angeles in 1988 and served the architectural and design community with the best from Europe for many years.

In the beginning there were bathrooms for Liz Taylor and Gregory Peck, later many other famous names came and shopped the collection.

The mission of Rhomboid Sax was to look for the most innovative, timeless product abroad, and bring it back to showcase on the West Coast.  

For many years Rhomboid Sax was known as a special little boutique gallery for bath, a shining light in the world of large competitors today.

RHOMBOID SAX | about C.jpg

Now with our doors closed, we are offering our final inventory at greatly reduced prices.

I have accepted a post teaching bathroom design, along with fine arts painting and moving into retirement.

Hope you enjoy browsing the Rhomboid Sax Assemblage Hardware Collection website.

Please feel free to contact me by email if you have questions regarding product for sale.

- Sheryl Havered